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Default 1995 Land Rover Discovery 5 speed MANUAL V-8 3.95L

Land Rover Discovery 1995 V-8 3.95L

You probably know these rigs have aluminum bodies and aluminum engines most were slushboxes...but the few the proud got the 5spd manuals. Yep and Tall and Torquey V-8 Euro SUV with a 5spd manual. 7 seats, 5 doors, 2 AC systems and 2 sunroofs.

But it is English and has appropriate oil seepage to prove its authenticity,
But it also has a certain road presence (think Mad Max meets Mary Poppins and asks for Grey Poupon).

We have had this rig since 2006 when we had a horse/trailer. But, we sold our horse and trailer last year, I am done with raised bed garden, garage, basement, and deck projects, towing others out of ditches, soil hauling, etc. We just don't need this much space, torque, and haulability anymore. Do you?

1995 LR Discovery V-8 US spec 5-speed manual with 150,000 miles on it.
2-AC, 7 seat model (white exterior, tan interior) no seat rips, it has seat covers, rover mats on floor and in tail-bed, has towing light kit.

It's very stock except for big roof rack, bull bars, running boards, back ladder, tail light brush guards, etc.


Some of the things I recall replacing on it in the last 7 years (I bought it in 2006-June)
1) New snow tires in 2006 on Steel Wheels (have stock Alloys & Tires)
2) I installed new speakers in 2006 and in the rear door subwoofer box
3) Stabilizer steering damper 2x 2007 & 2012 IIRC
4) Front brake discs and pads (once or twice last time in 2012
5) Rear brake discs and pads (once or twice last time in 2011.
6) Clutch master cylinder 2011
7) Clutch slave cylinder 2010
8) Ignition coil 2007 or 2008
9) Cap and rotor 2007 AND 2011
10) Newer distributor (from another 1995) in 2012
11) Radiator overflow tank and cap (2010)
12) Alternator (2010 and 2013)
13) Serpentine belt 2010 & 2013
14) Installed a new steering wheel damper and shaft (2007 )
15) Installed new headlights and adjusters in 2012
16) Upgraded/updated speakers, rebuilt rear subwoofer box in the tail gate.

Here are some known things that don't work so great
1) Radio (My son pulled a wire under dash, it intermittently comes on when you hit a bump should be easy fix but wife prefers engine sound over music, she's a good woman, only drives a stick and likes engine intake/exhaust sound)
2) Sunroofs (back one stopped opening in 2011 front stopped opening in 2012 or 2013) could be rusty/needing lube
3) Rear wiper (I think the motor crapped out, I never replaced it.)
4) Air conditioning used to work pretty decent the first few years, but now it leaks out after a day or two, (try a filling/leakstopper kit or one of those leak detector kits to investigate)
5) Cruise control (I installed steering wheel shaft and turned wheel and likely disconnected the wire to the CC)
6) Horn (same as above)
7) Electric power door locks (these started to get fritzy in 2010 and may have stopped working in 2011
8) Headlight squirters (never worked, I guess the lines were disconnected or plugged long ago)
9) I switched out the HIDs when one lamp crapped out, I still have that kit, but I just installed normal incandescent bulbs in headlamp.
10) Flood lights on front (when I got truck these were not wired up. . .not sure why, I never needed them and I didn't wire them up)

I have some misc old parts. This thing is probably worth $3k in parts alone.
But do make me an offer and maybe we can find a way to get you a rough and tumble rock crawler.
Tel Rich - 734 645 9824 via phone or text

* Location: Ann Arbor MI WEST
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