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Unhappy Loud Thumping Acceleration Noise.

I have a 2005 LR3 and in the last month my car upon acceleration from a stop sometimes (but not always) makes a loud thumping noise until my car is at about 10 miles and hour or I take my foot off the gas then re-apply. I took it into the dealer describing the noise as a bad wheel on a grocery shopping cart how it makes that thud noise thru the store. They heard the noise however my car threw no errors when hooked to diagnostic and it is a guess at what it could be. I’m sure some of you know Land Rover guesses at the dealership can be pretty expensive and the problem not always fixed. Has anyone had this happen before? The noise is coming from the front of the car when it does happen and not the rear. They suggested a new Rear Transfer Case? This is a pretty expensive suggestion… with no guarantee that will correct the noise. Paid over 200.00 dollars for a software update they said may correct it and it didn’t. So at this point not sure what to do?
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