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Default location of cruise control pump

hi guys new to this site.i have just had a es discovery 1 3.9v8. i have found the cruise control to be inoperative. so this is what happens when i press the cc button nothing. so i traced the pipes from the acelerator unit and one pipe comes off there to a t-piece from t-piece other goes down to the pedal found some split hoses and and fixed them then found one heading off down to the front passengerside head light but this was disconnected and bent back on its self and zip tied.plus found another hose next to it doing and nothing connected to it. now i bin told the pump is down by the front passenger head light well i cant find nothing there so i persume some one has done away wiv it or is it hidden some were? other thing i take it the piece off the t-piece goes to the unit but is there a return and if so were will that go.any help would help and has any one got a unit because i think its missing.
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The vacuum pump is right behind the left side headlight (as seen from the drivers seat) if USA model is should be under the jack.
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if you still have problem with your cruise control, please refer to my comprehensive post on the same subject.
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