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Default Sunroof Repair/Rail Replacement on Series I Discovery (1994)

Not sure where I got this, but the Author is listed:

Note: Land Rover repair manuals instruct you to completely remove the headliner to complete this repair. My instructions allow you to only remove half the headliner and pull it down and out of the way. The headliner is, as you will find, sort of a pre-formed, styrene-like shell with the felt-like fabric glued to it. It is more resilient then you may suspect and has a great tendency to hold its shape. In other words, if you’re careful, you won’t screw it up at all and even if you’re not careful, you may only screw it up a little.
Good luck – be patient!
Note (2): On my 1994 Discovery, removal of the rearview mirror was not necessary. On models with electric mirrors or auto-dimming capability, removal may be required.
You’ll need: Screw drivers, allen wrenches, (allen sockets are also nice to have), Torx screw drivers and/or sockets.
• Open sunroof (as much as possible) and disconnect negative battery lead.
• Remove three screws that hold each sun visor.
• Remove sun visor clips by prying the ‘door’ of the clip open to reveal the screw. After removing the screw the clip will still be held fast to the ceiling as it is a split-pin design. Try to wiggle the clip free from the ceiling. I wound up giving it a smack with the handle of my screwdriver to break it off. Once you get one off (or break one off) you’ll see what I’m talking about. If you do break one, they’re about $10 each at the dealer.
• Remove front and rear ceiling grab rails. Access screws by prying open ‘doors’ at handle ends.
• Using an allen wrench, remove the four screws that secure the sunroof glass and remove the glass.
• Remove the 12 (or so) screws that secure the overhead console/map pocket and ease the panel down.
• Disconnect the switches and ground wire and remove the overhead console. Be careful not to knock your rearview mirror off when doing this.
• Remove the 3 screws that secure the sunroof motor and remove the motor itself.
• Remove the U-shaped channel molding from the sunroof opening by pulling gently.
• Remove the front windshield interior posts by pulling away gently and inserting a flat blade screwdriver and prying gently on each of the built-up sections where the 3 tabs insert into the clip (this is easier than it sounds).
• You’re now ready to begin pulling (gently) on the headliner itself. You’ll need to push up and away at the side posts (near the rear-passenger windows) to free the headliner. Ultimately, you’ll be laying the front portion of the headliner down onto the front seats, allowing you access to the sunroof rails. This will cause a slight crease to the headliner at the rear, where the ceiling rises. If you take care while doing this, the headliner will be unblemished when you replace it.
• You are now looking at the enemy.
• Remove the two tubes that run from the forward corners of the black drain-pan to the front windshield posts (see Photo 1). This would be a good opportunity to clean out those tubes to prevent future obstructions and problems.
• Using a Torx socket (T-15 I believe), remove the 14 (or so) screws that hold the drain-pan in place. Carefully remove the drain-pan from the vehicle. Clean as necessary.
• The sunroof rails are light-colored aluminum and are held in place by four screws (see Photo 2). Remove the screws and ease the rails out (obviously, one side at a time). The long ‘drive track’ (looks like a long pipe cleaner) should slide easily out of its ‘routing tube’. The problem with these rails looks as though the ‘pipe cleaner’ sometimes breaks and will therefore NOT follow the rail out. If that is the case, use a small knife or screwdriver to persuade the track out using the opening where the sunroof motor interacted with the track.
• Take the old rails and throw them as far into the street as you can.
• Install the new rails. Insert the ‘drive track’ into the routing tubes, applying a small amount of force if necessary but DO NOT kink the track. You know you are far enough in when the screw holes for the rail line up.
• Replace drain-pan, refit drain hoses and install in reverse order – although you’d be wise to test the sunroof prior to replacing the headliner to ensure smooth operation.
• Last step: Drink a few beers and talk a little shit, you just saved yourself about $400.

Photo 1: Headliner has been removed exposing
black drain pan. Note drain tube at top center.

Photo 2: Drain pan removed. Aluminum rails
and drive tracks are now ready to be removed.
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